Cannot Log In

Here are some common reasons why you may not be able to log-in to Please check to see if any of these apply to you before submitting a Support Ticket.

  1. Lost Your Password or Username: To obtain your username or password, please go to the Login page at and click the "Lost Password" link and follow the instructions. You will receive an email shortly with your log-in details.

  2. Your membership is expired: Upon cancellation of your membership, you no longer have access to log-in to the private Members area.

    a) Either you have canceled your membership or your payment could not be processed. Please check your last billing statement (you should receive one every 30 days from your bank or PayPal).

    If you cancelled your membership and would like to become a member again, we would love to have you back. Just go to Note: Once your order has been completed, you can log-in to the website with your original username/password. You do not have to re-register a username.

    If your payment failed, you can change your payment processor. Please submit a Support Ticket and let us know and we will give you instructions on how to securely put in your new payment information. Please do not send us your credit card information in a support ticket.

    If you feel that your membership expiration is an error, please submit a Support Ticket (including your last payment Transaction ID or invoice number) and we will get it resolved as soon as possible.

  3. You have reached the daily IP Login Limit: For security purposes, we have a log-in limit of how many different IP addresses you may log-in from. It may be that you may have been traveling or someone else is using your username and password to log-in to the website. Please submit a Support Ticket (include your current IP address) and we will get it resolved.


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